Sunny Seasons End Tour (the 1st)

Every year there is the Wima  tour at the end of the season.
Some of us finish their season in October, some don’t, but of course everyone wants to participate.
After all, this usually leads to a simple hint of Austria that is still undiscovered 😉
But Wima is growing and with it it gets more difficult to bring so many together for one date. The survey on Doodle didn’t help in this respect and so the idea was born to make two final trips. 
The 1st tour took place on the last weekend. And, despite a very bad weather forecast at the beginning, the sun was shining all day long 😉 
This time the route led us to the northern Weinviertel, and should actually also reach a bit into the Czech Republic, but it was shortened a bit due to the temperatures. Similar to the Waldviertel, there are still small villages and paths here, just waiting to be discovered and used.
Our troop, reduced around sickness rates, starts with still fresh 10° temperature and increases, slowly same as the airstream, also to temperature of 16-17°.
All in all, this means a temperature feeling of 8° which has remained approximately the same even when the sun is shining 😉
But we are well packed except for our fingers and thus the fun remains in the sun, the ride and the small places that our guide conjures out of the corner work of the streets.
Around noon the Weinviertel shows its shady side of loneliness again: guesthouses! These are rarely sown, and are already well filled by wedding parties, bicycle clubs, etc…. It takes felt! Hours, until we find a sunny garden place in Neuruppersdorf, at the Gasthof Müller, which is already inhabited by Upper Austrian colleagues and still offers enough space.  The food is flawless and the prices moderate, so we are again on the sunny side of the W4tel 🙂
On the way back to Vienna we also stop for a short coffee break, then we pass two motocross tracks (where there was a lot of activity) and head south back to Vienna.
The crowning finish: The crossing of the Danube and the sun in the water.