Hi, we are a band of motorbike riding girls of various age.

If you want to get in touch with us personally, then you should visit our monthly Round Table.

Furter means of contact: Via Facebook (Wima-Austria) or per simple eMail

The content published here is created by members of Wima-Austria and is therefore our copyright.
Any unauthorized use on other sites is not permitted and requires our advance approval.

If you believe that we have infringed your rights, this was done without intention.
A short information by email  and we will remove the content immediately if wished.


Data privicy declaration according to Datenschutz Grundgesetz (May 2018), or TKG 2003:

This Website does only store data from our members (nickname and eMail Adress), but not from our vistors.

Storage of our website is done with an Austrian provider.
According to our Provider data of the site will not be forwarded to other countries.



If you do fill out a form, information entered will then transfered by eMail to our internal contact. No permanent storage is therefore necessary and done.



You can enter a comment for a post at any time. The data left for this purpose is not visible on the website (with the exception of the freely defined nickname).



If you need further information about our data policy please feel free to contact us, with above form.


More detailed Information here


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