Offroad Day

May is well booked: IFRD, Wima season start tour, Wima Day, and now another day: off-road! P. has not set foot on a motorcycle since her motorcycle accident last May. It took close to a year for the bones to heal. But now, she feels fit enough to take a trip off-road. And so we meet on Sunday for a […]

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International Female Ride Day IFRD 2018

IFRD (international Female Ride Day) is an annual event,  which takes place on the first Saturday in May. This year it was May 5th and of course, we are there! We met at 9 o’clock in Vienna, Strebersdorf. The motorcycles were full, and with that our trip already started. But stop, stop something very important is still missing! Our Tüttü’s! […]

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Years program

Wima Skitage  Schweiz   2. – 4. 03.2018 Safebike Pachfurt 14./15.04.2018 probably, alternative in September  Saisoneröffnungsfahrt   (IFRD International female ride day) planned: 05. – 06.05.2018 Süddeutsches Treffen Neuschwanstein 22.-24.06.2018 Ladiescamp                 30.6.  or 1.7.2018 Wima Rally Finnland  30.07 – 04.08.2018 Safebike Training 01./02.09.2018 alternative to april Saisonendfahrt 06.10.2018 In between our round table meetings and […]

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