Who we are

The WIMA – Womens International Motorcycle Association – is a international organisation of motorcycling women with over 2000 members worldwide.

WIMA was founded by Louise Scherbyn (USA) in 1937.

1950 WIMA-Europe was founded by 2 Netherlands sisters, by announcing it in some motorcycle magazines.

Many of the responding women were Germans.

Every WIMA member country does have various organisational structures.

Sometimes its a registered club, sometime an elected steering committee, sometimes a loose network of interested women.

In Austria a WIMA organisation existed during the 60ties, but dispersed later.


One of us, Uli, contacted WIMA in 1995 and participated at one of the rallies in Sweden.

It was her persuasion that brought Jane and Bettina to Czechoslovakia in 1996 where WIMA Austria was reestablished. Thus meaning, that WIMA Austria is now more than 20 years old!


We are a small group of women, not an registered organisation. We – WIMA Austria – meet regularely once a month to our “Stammtisch-round table“. (every first Tuesday, at 19:00)

The purpose of this meetings are the same as with boy groups. Motor talk, exchange of experience and chatting.

The most important rule is: No woman is bared from participating our round, even without appropriate drivers license or motorbike, every woman is allowed to participate.

At the moment, approx 20 members are registered with WIMA Austria, most of them within the area of Vienna.


We venture on tours together, as well as participate on regulary perfection trainings with the VfV (Austrian Mounted Police).

The most important event tough, is the yearly WIMA Rally – a one week international Motorcycle event – which takes place in different countries araound the globe.

2003 Dorset, Great Britain

2004 Borculo, Nederlands

2005 Sjöröd, Schweden

2006 Oberiberg, Hoch-Ybrig, Switzerland

2007 Plothen, Thüringen, Germany

2008 Heimari, Finnland

2009 Amerika (Europe: Italiy

2010 Japan (Europe: Nederlands)

2011 Lancaster, Great Britain

2012 Reingers, Waldviertel, Austria

2013 Couvet, Val de Travers, Switzerland

2014 Poland

2015 Australia  (Europe: Sweden)

2016 Esztergom, Ungarn

2017 Janäda, Estland

2018 Parainen, Finland

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