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Good bye, Jane


While participating in the WIMA International Rally 2023 in France, we unexpectedly received the news of the death of our former long-time President Jane Spiegel.

Jane, who grew up in England and Germany, was always a self-determined woman with goals and stamina. She earned her degree at the University of Leoben and worked as a lorry driver to fund it. And, for professional reasons, she became a resident of Austria and got in touch with WIMA Austria – at that time a regulars’ table without association statutes – and soon took over the office of National President. She did this for 18 years with joy and conviction, she was our contact point in all matters of WIMA, very well connected and personally acquainted with many women worldwide.

Jane did not believe in circumlocutions and euphemisms; we knew and appreciated her as a woman who spoke her mind openly and honestly. Whenever possible, until 2019, she attended the annual presidents’ meetings held at the Rally, where she consistently voiced her concerns.

The last years of her presidency were overshadowed by health problems, which made it difficult for her to pursue active motorcycling. She resigned from office in 2020.

Jane, we thank you for everything you have done for WIMA Austria, for your personal commitment and your friendship!

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  1. Jane, it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to you, the former President of WIMA-Austria.

    Jane’s journey with WIMA was one filled with dedication, hard work, and passion, leaving an indelible mark on the association and its members. As we reflect on her legacy, we recognize both the positive contributions she made and the challenges she posed to the unity of our community.

    In memory of Jane, let us recognize her commitment to WIMA and her unwavering passion for women in motorcycling.
    As we move forward, we will cherish her contributions and seek to learn from the past to build a stronger, harmonious future for WIMA-Austria.
    May her legacy serve as a guiding light, inspiring us all to strive for excellence, embrace change, and continue to grow as an association.

    Rest in peace, Jane. Your dedication and contributions will forever be etched in the annals of WIMA-Austrias history.

    President, WIMA (2023)

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