Women Riders World Relay


Weigetschlag, the final frontier.
A small number of female motorcycle riders is on a 2 1/2 days mission and defy the extremely low morning temperatures, waiting longingly at the lonely border crossing for their Czech motorcycle colleagues, who soon have to appear on the horizon.
Fascinating, Mr. Spock would say, and despite many possible theories not guess the real reason.
The parties are:
Girls from Vienna, Styria, Burgenland, Carinthia and even from far away Upper Austria arrived to receive the baton of the Women Riders World Relay and to hand it over to their colleagues in Liechtenstein/Switzerland in 2.5 days. Also in the group: Colette, an Australian who gave up her house and her job to live her dream of a world trip by motorbike and to accompany the Baton around the globe.

Das WRWR Starteam von Österreich und 3 Fahrerinnen aus Tschechien
Mit Mädls von BreakFastMoto, Grip-Area und Wima-Austria

We can’t stay long here, there are no male Klingons within sensor range, but the schedule is urgent and so we pack everything together and head for Mattighofen, where we will have our first stop.


We were cordially invited by KTM Sportsmotorcycle GmbH to take part in a company presentation, including a factory tour, and afterwards to strengthen ourselves in the new KTM Bistro Garage of the Moto Hall which is still under construction.

Thomas bei der Präsentation

The company presentation takes quite a long time, we also had a few discussions about the KTM view of female motorcyclists, and so we start with a little time pressure into the tour of the assembly hall, there is of course an absolute ban on photography, so I have to fall back here on an old archive photo

KTM Fertigungsstraße

After the tour there was a big gathering for the group photo and the descent to Moto Hall.

In the garage we were received by Stefan and his team and 3! delicious courses food was served in the bistro.
For the fact that we served as guinea pigs for the officially not yet opened restaurant, we did not notice anything except for the welding work to fix a Moto3 machine at the supporting pillar in the restaurant. The atmosphere of the interior is harmonious and the kitchen definitely deserved 2 hoods!

Since we had already arrived late in the garage, it was due to the extensive and very good meal again much later.
After a short discussion we decided to split up the groups and partly follow the planned route, and once a shorter variant via motorway to Golling.
From there we went via Pass Lueg and Werfen to Bischhofshofen, where the next event awaits us.

First we had to work out the way to the quarter, which lay on a mountain ridge above Bischofshofen.
It was already late, so we had to go back down to Bischofshofen after our arrival.
When we arrived there we had to get the rented seminar room of the parish open for us, and then the presentation of Anita Fastl started. In this case, a real contrast:
Anita was involved in the Grizzly Race Event in 2018. She managed to drive her African Twin around the world in 19 driving days, but still had time to take pictures of her trip, which she presented to us – adorned with stories.

It was about 22 o’clock when we spread out to our houses in and around Bischofshofen to end this long and eventful day.

Day 2

The night was short, but this morning also greeted us with sunshine and cool morning temperatures.

One more reason to enjoy the good breakfast in the house Steinberger extensively, before we had packed all our things on the motorcycles and drove down to Bischofshofen to meet us with the other girls again.

The next signatures at the Baton were still put on paper, the motorcycles refueled, and off we went over the Dienten saddle to Taxenbach, Zell am See and Mittersill.
There we stopped for the first coffee break, which we could enjoy in the warm sun .

But we were not allowed to stay on site for a long time. The rest of the way was still a bit longer and so we left after this short stop to take the further way to Newchurch, Krimml and the Gerlos.
Of course there was also a wonderful photo scenery with a view to the Krimml waterfalls and the Krimml Achental.

Short photo stop and on we went over the Gerlosstraße into the Zillertal.


We followed in the direction of Inntal and shortly before the access to the A12 (in Wiesing) there was a short cafe, snack, tank, toilet stop.
So, we were a little bit behind the schedule, a short vote to that resulted that we would skip the stop in Hall and at least drive through to Pettnau directly.
At the rest stop we met Claudia, and so she could immortalize herself on the scroll. After this short stop we continued on the A12 to St, Jakob, where we chose the pass road.
The planned stop at the pass is like a picture book picture, considering the up to 4m high snow walls and the sun shining at the same time.

After this highlight in great height we went onto the final stage to Bludenz.
This time we were able to book a lot of rooms in one house and it was an entertaining evening.
But there is also a bit of melancholy, because it will probably be our last evening together, before we will hand over the Baton to the Liechtenstein and Switzerland group tomorrow.
Also Colette has grown to our hearts in the short time and will at least miss Petra and me.
Amazing how strong the WRWR brings people together who didn’t know each other before and inspires them.
In the course of the evening we add last signatures and let the Baton go around again.

Day 3

The next day we leave early, to arrive at the border crossing on time.
With every morning the routine gets better, the luggage stows itself almost by itself on the motorcycle and we are at the agreed meeting point in time to proceed – together with the BreakFast Ladies – our last leg to the border to Liechtenstein.
The traffic in Feldkirch is fine and so we reach the last stop before the border without any problems.
Waiting for the Liechtenstein press is the order of the day until we can finally cover the last 300m of our stage to the border crossing.
The farewell is very intense and emotional.
So long Baton, and servus Colette, we wish you many beautiful kilometres and nice ladies on your way around the world.

A big thank you! to all the participants who kept their fingers crossed and brought us accident free over the sections, the ones who ate up their meals and gave us such a beautiful weather, who brought their media contacts into the game, or just followed our journey via FB. Thank you!

With the support of Riser, the group riding app! #whoridestheworld.

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