WRWR Women Riders World Relay

Specifically, it is about a symbolic relay race around the world, carried out by women riding motorcycles. WIMA is a worldwide organization of women motorcyclists, so what could be more obvious than our support and participation here as well?
A corresponding initiative, founded in August 2018, now has 14,000 followers on Facebook and the planning is already well advanced.

Austria is one of the countries that will also take over a section of the route, from 16-18 April 2019 from OÖ  Weigetschlag (here we get it from the Czech riders) to Vaduz, where we hand it over to the riders of Switzerland.

The route is already very mature and OK for 2 days, surprises can of course still be provided by the weather in mid-April.

The following variants are currently in detailed planning

Short (bad weather) variant






Long version






Interested ones should ideally contact us here by comment, or im WRWR Forum, or on Facebook at Versya, which is registered as Ambassador for Austria at WRWR and thus took over the planning and coordination of the procedure for the section.


Currently an Ambassador for Slovakia is still missing. Possibly we will also be on our way from Hungary (Esztergom) to Poland (Zakopane) for 2 days. Here would be a planned stop also at the Fairytale castle Bojnice.  🙂 


More about this can be found here or in the new newsletter.