Northern Region

A Sunday trip in Corona times

We’re supposed to keep our distance – check
Keep mouth and nose covered – check
only undertake journeys for personal use – check

But, why not combine the useful with the pleasant? Why not soak up a little sun and wind?
Claudia asked the question and Versya spontaneously agreed.
Since both of them are also good off-roaders, it was clear that the quiet Weinviertel would be the ideal place for a small delivery tour.
Since the whole afternoon was available, it ended up being a bit more than 200km.

So they found a substitute program for their cancelled Ukraine and Georgia tours:
The Russian Orthodox chapel at the military cemetery offered to bring up a little Russian feeling. Since both of them are currently studying Russian at the same time, there were also some texts at the cemetery that invited to be translated. Lucky for them: the translations were also included 😉

The next contact they had was with the citizens of Laaer, who were calmly lined up in a long row in front of the ice cream parlour on Laaer Hauptplatz. In the past they would probably have arrested them right away with their scarves in front of their faces, but this way they just served pointed ice cream! A welcome cool down on this sunny day!
Then the Laaer Sessel Still Life was immortalized, so that it will remind the archives of Wima of the all day madness of the Corona crisis years from now. 🙂

The return trip was then over the Quiet Mountains, whose rape fields shone a wonderful yellow.
And, the two of them were also beaming, as it was the first bigger trip for a long time. 🙂

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