Welcome 2022

Dear WIMA’s,

Despite Corona’s limitations, the year 2021 brought us many wonderful experiences together.
You can find a successful summary here:

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With the 1st of January we now start into the 3rd year of this pandemic.
But, as in the past years, we will not let this stop us from being on the road with our motorbikes.
And, with a little luck, we will again manage to have a well-filled, joint motorbike program.


The first fixed point is already our regulars’ table on 11 January, which will hopefully bring us together again. (even if it’s only with the help of Zoom).
Another is the ski weekend in Switzerland from 24.-28. February, together with WIMA-Schweiz

The rest of the programme is loosely fixed,
as well as our DACH meeting and the General Assembly in Sillian.
Starting with 28 June, which will allow the direct transition (with 2 driving days) to the international WIMA Rally in Switzerland from (2) 3 July to 9 July.

We are already looking forward to many great adventures together with you!

With love

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