Buchtel Tour

The Buchtel, infinite expanses of gigantic dimensions.
This is usually the introduction of many a science fiction series.
But also the perfect description of our season closing tour on September 26.
The days are getting shorter in giant steps and the first trees start to color their leaves.
This is usually the time when we call our girls together to go for a ride following the last rays of sunshine.
The sun is as usual exciting, the weather forecasts promise much and hold little, but Sunday should be kind to us.
So we meet in a light fog 😉 at our standard south meeting point in Wr. Neudorf.
From minute to minute there are more and more people and it is already clear that the trip will take on a new dimension.
Bine, Sonja and Jasmin spontaneously followed our invitation on FB, they want to have a look who we are and participate in the event as well. No problem, we are open to interested motorcyclists.

Punctually at 9:00 we start and drive through the plain and with ever increasing ground fog to the south and past Wr. Neustadt and Mattersburg. The girls who are warmly dressed, have heated grips and visor wipers are fine , but for the rest it is more and more unpleasant by the minute.
So it is all the more pleasing when we see Forchtenstein Castle emerging from the fog on the ascent to Bucklige Welt. A wonderful phenomenon that warms us up in the truest sense of the word.

We stop at the parking lot in front of the castle to warm up a little before continuing.
As agreed, we send Renate the info that we are in 10min with her to take her on.
Strangely, she is not at the meeting point, although she recently sent a photo from there. ??
We drive once up and down the place and come to the conclusion that she may have joined a wrong group? Hr,hr,hr we are curious when she, or the pack leader, will notice that something is wrong 😉 We leave her a message and go on.

Shortly before Kirchschlag/Wechsel , in a wet curve, shit happens.
Biene’s rear wheel slips off and she and the motorcycle land ungently on the asphalt.
Thank God she was not speeding, but the fall has unfortunately consequences for her motorcycle.
The engine cover has a hole and oil is leaking out. Also the rear tire is full of oil, so a no go for a further ride 🙂 We cover the oil spot with earth, secure the spot for following vehicles and discuss the options. ARBÖ is quickly notified, but until they arrive Su and Berti stay with her to take care of her. The rest of the group continues on, with Su and Berti joining them when they are ready on the scene.
In retrospect, it will remain the last wet corner on the entire rest of the tour, such bad luck….

We have already lost some time, our Styrian girls with guest Renate from Carinthia, and Petra with Gripsmania, will probably be waiting already. . When we drive up to the Buchtelbar in Wenigzell, we already see many familiar faces at the tables and motorcycles in front of the door.
Perfect that we have reserved, we fill 4 tables and we are not alone on site. The beautiful weather has also attracted many other motorcyclists and motorists on site.
We enjoy the good food (the Buchtel is huge and fluffy!!) , but also the other dishes are very good.
We chat deliciously, exchange with our Styrian girls, and Su and Berti also join us about 1 hour later. Thus we are 22 girls on the spot. Su tries to keep track of all those present for our analog log book, which is not so easy with the constant movement between the 4 tables. Also, when we are full. We want to make the enjoyment possible for those who stayed at home and also take one or the other booklet with us.

It was late when we arrived, but now it is really late. There are still about 3 hours of driving time waiting for us and in the meantime it gets dark at 18:30.
We set off hurriedly, and our southern faction also sets off again.
Up to Gloggnitz there are still a few small stretches which we enjoy (incl. a gravel construction site which lets us turn around). But in Gloggnitz we separate.

A small party continues from now on via highway, only the insatiable rest wants to exhaust all curves until the bitter end (darkness).
Su, Anneliese, Michaela, Gea, Astrid, Laura, Renate and Versya start to race against the darkness.
Actually a miracle, despite StVO conformal driving manner, Sunday drivers in large numbers on the way home, we manage it to arrive, in the falling darkness, to Hochrotherd.
There (now already in the falling dark) the group divides into Vienna/NÖ South and West and for the last kilometers the ride continues into the dark until the lights of Vienna bring back the day.
Resumee: Motorcycles are even on the small roads a perfect means of transport and are fun at the same time.
There is no other way to interpret that grin on our faces, as to the fact of our nearly impossible performance 😉

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