For free, but not for nothing

Where can you get good training for free, but not for nothing?

For example, the training of the VfV (the police) is free, but a donation is welcome to enable the maintenance of the facility and to compensate for the expenses.

But free, really free, and yet not free? Is there such a thing?

Yes, and in Pachfurt (near Bruck/Leitha) as part of the Safebike campaign of the City of Vienna, organised together with MotorradReporter.com magazine.
It’s the very special set of stations that, fittingly for the start of the season at the end of April, offers the first push of movement and motorbike challenges and is therefore regularly visited by us.

There is the classic braking exercise, all the other stations are different from what we are used to.

There is the slalom technique, the high speed cornering, the hill climb including one-handed riding, and the circular track with a sliding plate, where the rear wheel briefly simulates sliding away.
The mix is good and so we wander through all the stations in the course of the day. Only interrupted by the obligatory lunch. Unfortunately, the only weak point of the event is the on-site canteen. But there are alternatives.

With wonderful weather, we also enter the second half of the day and the first signs of fatigue appear here and there. Taken seriously, the programme is a properly measured challenge for brain and body and brings an enormous amount of additional experience and quality to the movement.

In between a quick tyre repair session loosens up the finale once more.

The evening comes as always much too fast, it was again a successful day, thanks to the MA46 and the city of Vienna, as well as the motorbike reporter team.

We will come again, no question.

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