D.A.CH. Treffen

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Today Chris had the Pustertaler Höhenstraße on the agenda.

After approx. 70km we went to Lienz near Leisach, and high above the valley with a magnificent ridge we took a fast turn until shortly before Sillian, where we turned into the Lesachtal, the next beautiful stage. After a lunch break in the pilgrimage place Maria Luggau, where we had Kaspressknödel for everyone (there should be more of them, you have to take the opportunity, they are not everywhere in Austria )

Elsbeth made the suggestion that the Maltatal with the high reservoir should still be navigated. As we still had enough time, we went quickly in the direction of the Kölnbreinsperre, where the dizzy ones among us dared to take a short walk to the overhanging viewing platform.

After the group photo we started our way home again and reached after 350 km “fish rats” just in time before the big black cloud opened its sluices. Also today Pizza and red wine ended a successful biker day.

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