Training time!

is springtime.
The first tender buds are just beginning to appear, and Corona still has us firmly in its grip. But the motorbike season is starting again.
We have a huge program this year, so it is time to do the first warm-up laps and to push our training.
One of the first training events of the year is the Safebike, sponsored by the city of Vienna, which is organised annually by the MA46, under the direction of Karl Katoch, together with a bunch of crazy motorbike riders.
A comparison with an Öamtc training course is only brief, because although these training courses have the same aim, namely to increase road safety for female motorcyclists, they are completely different in the way they are held.

I would describe it as a crazy, but top-class driver safety training course.
It’s free, but it’s certainly not useless on the contrary.
Therefore, we will hog the date on 17 April for ourselves and continue to improve. 🙂

Just 3 weeks later, the GripsMania Ladies Breakfast will bring a little WIMA networking to Styria. The training itself will once again bring us a little closer to the slanting situations of life.
The finale will be a short country road tour to the north of Weiz.

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