Friday, 11 July 2021, Chris’s question: “Are there any early risers who want to make a trip to Northern Styria tomorrow? I won’t ask the Styrian women now, I’ll meet them anyway. 7.30 a.m. Meeting point at Grüner Berg/Altmannsdorferstr.
“My answer: “I’m leaning towards YES”.

Saturday, 12 July 2021.
Julia is also at the meeting point! Three of us start.
The only thing I know is: 9.30 OMV petrol station Bruck. The rest is: Surprise !!!
Motorway and motorway are boring. Warming up- a few bends over the Semmering, then quickly on.
Already at the meeting point:
14 bikers of all ages in the best of moods – pure Styrian female power! A happy reunion with Liz, Sabine P., Karo and “Gripsmania” Petra accompanied by other friends.

17 ladies are too many to ride in one group, so we split into three factions.
I join five women under the expert leadership of Sabine P, while Chris will ride in Liz’s group of four, and Julia with the Gripsmania Girls.
Right away it will be a great day, with 557 kilometres for me, in weather as ordered, curves and panoramic views to the point of no return, fun and culinary delights will not be neglected either!
Pogusch, Seeberg, Wildalpen. Despite the wonderful, not too hot summer day, there is less traffic on the roads than I expected; but we still have to reckon with police checkpoints…whether we have “overlooked” any remains to be seen – our consciences are, shall we say, dull white.
During a break before Weichselboden, Petra’s group passes us. Only out of concern that the ladies might report us as lost, we catch up with them again as quickly as possible and overtake them at the same time.

In Wildalpen, the group “Lichtgeschwindigkeit” already beckons us to the terrace of the Burn-out, where we “fill up” on refreshments, snacks and coffee. 45 minutes later, after photo shoots and a funny episode about a glass of soda spilled in a very awkward place on a man’s trousers, we continue.
Gams, Hieflau, Eisenerz. Collective break at the Erzberg lookout point.

We are surrounded by hitchhikers, car clubs, old-timers. Hardly any of them miss a panoramic photo. The hunger grows.
Curves, curves, curves, 17 female bikers, no incidents, no breakdowns, no discords, but lots of camaraderie and FEELING.
As a “user”, I don’t really realise what preparatory work goes into this, but it becomes obvious at the latest at the Depot Stüberl in Leoben:

The landlord grills for us exclusively, pork chop, chops, sausages, wedges; Liz has single-handedly made mountains of potato salad and prepared a dessert buffet of the finest quality.
On top of all this, Gripsmania invites us to join them for the barbecue. The company slowly disperses, it is 4.30 pm, some still have things to do…

I’ll take the day to the limit, Pogusch again, Veitsch, Mürztal, Lahnsattel, and then via St Pölten to Vienna.
Girls, thank you so much!
If days get a medal – I’ll put gold on this one.

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