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In Thun tun

Many beautiful places in Switzerland were presented at yesterday’s opening ceremony. Among them was the city of Thun.
Diana wants to see the city and since we do not participate in the round trip in Lucerne (with boat trip, glass making, shopping, etc…) we have the whole day for that.
First stop is Brienz at Lake Brienz. The road on the north shore is unfortunately closed due to the storms of the last nights and so we take the highway to Interlaken to follow the north shore of Lake Thun. Interlaken itself also has a beautiful old town, the tension regarding Thun rises.

In Thun we find a bicycle parking lot near the old town, which now also accommodates our motorcycles. We stroll through the small streets, visit a cafe, and the wooden weirs at the tip of the old town island which divides the outflow of Lake Thun into impressive 2 arms

Why everyone in Lucerne admires the Chapel Bridge is a mystery to me afterwards (I was also there years ago), this is at least equal,
Although it is very hot, we also climb up to the striking castle, which alone is worth seeing.

We leave Thun to the north in the direction of Eriz and from there through a wonderful landscape always further in the direction of Lucerne to Sörenberg. From there it goes downhill again with many turns to Giswill and along the lake back to Melchtal.

After dinner (self-cooked, or in the marquee) there is campfire in front of the bar and disco. Since it quickly gets cooler, the action shifts from the campfire to the disco. Until about 1 o’clock WIMA Austria shows that we do not only make a good figure at the motorcycle.
Afterwards there is a necessary, late and cool shower.

Weather sunny and warm, later some rain, at night clear and cold

Route 250km

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