beautiful bad weather

bed weather?

The noisy night is over, a look out of the tent shows a thick cloud cover and a look at the smartphone shows a not too exhilarating Wetetrfront over Switzerland.

But, we test our luck.

After breakfast, we maneuver our motorcycles out of the last row into the open and make our way to Altdorf. From there on to Schwyz and over very small roads to the Pass des Praegl. There we stop to put our stickers on the unreachable high pass sign. But there are ways and means to make it ūüėČ

From the pass it descends in loose hairpin bends – which can only be traveled on weekdays – into the picturesque Kl√∂ntal valley with its turquoise lake. There is no sign of bad weather here, but the roads are all damp. It strikes us that Gea’s front light does not shine, that we will have to solve in camp.
We continue through the canton of Glarus in the direction of Klausen. Up to Urnerboden it is a wonderful wavy stretch, then there are also wonderfully challenging technical hairpin bends to the top of the pass.
Here we make a short snack and souvenir stop.

In the meantime, high dark clouds are piling up in the west and so we plod back down to Altdorf. In view of the thunderstorm front, it is sensible not to think of crossing the Susten Pass. On the way down a helicopter lands directly on the pass road. A masterstroke of the pilot to maneuver so cleanly on this spot.
We stop at the parking lot of a closed hotel and slip into our rain gear in time. A good decision, because shortly afterwards a real downpour breaks over us. We count the meters to the tunnel and can continue the next kilometers in the dry.
Only at the Vierwaldstättersee this tunnel spits us out again and the sun shines!
In Sarnen we leave the highway and see a suitable Coop, which will surely help us with shopping in the future.
But today it stays on the left side, because the black clouds are driving in our direction again. Gea drives to the mechanic in town to have the lamp – successfully – changed. For the others, arrived at the sports camp Versya and Astrid still continue to the mountain road to the Melchsee.

This road is released in the push-pull cycle. In even hours uphill, in the odd hour downhill. So they turn around and make it back to the campground just in time before the rain starts.
Everyone retires to room or tent and prepares for tonight’s welcome dinner.
The evening starts with an adapted Heidi song and the mood rises.
Besides the hosts there is also an address by the Int. president (Zara).

The food distribution is complicated, because vegan, vegetarian, lactose and celiac tolerant food is distributed first, then the large part with normal food requests comes.
WIMA can also be complicated at times.
But at 9 p.m. we are also full and the dessert finally reconciles us.
As expected there is a late going to sleep.

Weather: sunny and warm, in the late afternoon, rain.

Route about 250km

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