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The alarm clock rings at 7:12 a.m. It’s fresh out there, outside the sleeping bag.

First we have the morning breakfast and then the flags and ribbons are mounted on the motorbikes. Because today is parade day!


We will drive in a loose column for about 30 minutes to Lake Lucerne in the Buochs area to swim there.
The WIMA-Austria group will first meet at the car park before heading to the assembly point for the convoy below the camp.
At around 10:00 almost everyone is there 😉 And the column slowly starts to move. The 220 or so motorbikes pull away and so it is logical that the column (in compliance with the restrictive Swiss traffic rules) breaks up into small groups over time.

There is a smaller car park near the beach promenade in Buons, but our Swiss colleagues have come up with such a great sizing system that borders on perfection. To flexibly park so many motorbikes – with the possibility to drive away – in such a small space, kudos!

Then we head down to the lake, where we swap our lovely blue Rally T-shirts for swimwear and jump into the fresh water. Brr., but after a few tempos it’s all right again.

After partially drying out in the sun, we return to Kerns via the Äscherlipass, which is closed except at lunchtime.
The small bends on the access road and the roadworks section are at their best! The route is not long and we are back at camp long before the games start.
Ah, and now I know why I’m talking about the milking, stone throwing, etc.. “Highland Games” 😉 I didn’t take part: I have to attend the Presidents Meeting.

The meeting lasts 6 hours and, thanks to the Zoom Session, is truly global for the first time, but there are also enough women presidents and representatives present. Even Alena came from Ukraine in person.
Unfortunately, I cannot report on the contents here, but there is further expansion and positive developments in the pipeline.

In the meantime, cores are spat, Willhelm Tell apples are shot at, balancing acts are performed and Sisyphus-like stone movements are carried out.
Thus, everyone deservedly enters the evening programme.

Today there is finally! An earlier night’s rest, at around 23:00 the majority are back in bed or sleeping bag.

Weather: sunny and warm, morning and evening cool.

Route: 40 km

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