Wima Rally Day 12, 20.07.2017

Today is the event day with motorcycle. There are 3 groups in total: One race track training, or off-road training, or BMW rental motorcycles for test riding (T9, 1200 GS, eRoller) As a last alternative, there is also a moor hike in the immediate vicinity for the motorcycle tired participants. I already had a moor hike on day 1 of […]

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Tallin, the old Hanseatic city, which had to experience so much in the course of history and was able to maintain a relatively original Gothic part of the old town. And, by the way, it is also the capital of Estonia. What could be more obvious than an organised sightseeing tour? Naturally optimally organised by our Wima EE Already during […]

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Journey Wima Rally 2017 day 1

Where does Theo go?   And where are we going? Correct! To Lodz! In the morning it is still cool and the first rays of sunlight flash through the treetops when we start our engines. Su and I meet, as usual, at the Green Mountain, then we will go to Hochleithen together, where Renate will join us. Su arrives at […]

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Rally 2016 Hungary

Esztergom, where the heck is it? Such, or similar, was our big question, as we heart the first time from the  WIMA Rally from 10th to 16th July 2016  in one of our winter meetings. Wima Rally? Yes, once a year all WIMA clubs worldwide, gather together at one location somewhere at this globe and celebrate, talk and ride their […]

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Rally 2015 Australia

Monday 19. October to Sunday 25. October, Shearing  Shed, Cowes, Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia Small, BUT BEAUTIFUL Monday, 19. October Time to register: At last, after a long trip to Australia – many of us members had arrived earlier, others remained much longer – it was time to register. At the rally about 80 women participated (and some men) from […]

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2014 Rally Poland

A report from Koscielisko … WIMA-Rally 2014 Once again, start of August: It’s Rally time! Michaela, Elsbeth, Renate, Gertha, Jane with son Maxwell, Anneliese and Berti went to Zakopane, Poland, to meet with approx. 250 other motorbike addicted girls (incl. 4{2b294505d6001a2994145ce95566f61c7b6d4c5ec7a34f5ce46db843ff2f0d8d} men attending too) for a week in beautiful Koscielisko. Uli, Birgit and Lili, Margot and Su choose different days […]

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Rallies in general

The participation at the international meeting (Rallies) of WIMA is our outmost “duty” we happily tackle every year with great pleasure. The general purpose is the exchange of information between all national WIMA groups, as well as personal friendship within the Wima menbers.   Past Rallies, that already took place

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